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Last summer I spent almost three weeks in Germany and since I got back I’m still struggling to write about what I saw and what I liked. We stayed in Wuppertal (one of the greenest cities in Germany) and before telling you what I visited I must say that the Germans impressed me with their love for animals. In front of many shops I saw bowls of water for dogs. It’s fabulous that you are allowed with your pet almost everywhere and are they are not considered a “plague” like in Romania. One rainy morning I decided to have breakfast in a coffee shop in the city center. While drinking my tea, a man with a labrador entered the coffee shop. He took a sit at a table and the dog laid down next to him. I was surprised to see that the waiter came with the menu for the human and with a bowl of water for the dog. Chapeau bas for such an attitude! Once again, I saw that we have so much to learn from German people.

What I enjoyed in Wuppertal was the Zoo. You can get there with the Schwebebahn, a sky train that has become the symbol of this city. We visited the zoo on a rainy day, but we still enjoyed the variety of animals and birds, as well as strolling through the large and green garden.

On a beautiful Sunday we went out for a walk in the park behind our house and so I discovered that a big part of it was a deer reservation. Separated by humans through a very long fence the animals come every time to be fed by people. Obviously you can’t give them anything you want. Near the fence is an place where you can buy special food for the deer with only 50 cents.

We also visited some cities near Wuppertal. That’s how we got to Schloss Burg an der Wupper. It’s a fairy tale town with houses that seem to be made of sweet gingerbread.

To reach the old fortress you take the road or  you use the chairlift. We chose the second version and once we got up we discovered the image of a fortress from the times when stories with princesses and knights were a reality. We have not ignored the area with delights of all kinds, including the traditional wurst and the German beer.

Another beautiful town we visited was Hattingen. It dates from the medieval period and was  restored in a big way. Houses are white and framed with black wood. In the center of the medieval town is the church. It is splendid and full of coffee shops and restaurants that have retained the beautiful fragrance of old times.

One of the highlights of my holiday Kölner Dom. It’s one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen. The exterior is exquisite and the interior fascinated me with the immense and colorful stained glass.

We didn’t have time to take a boat ride on the Rhine but we enjoyed the view from the shore.

If you want to take a spectacular selfie you have to visit Dusseldorf and go to Rheinturm. It’s a restaurant that resembles an alien ship and offers a 360 degree view of the city. Our friends, Ana and Theo, took us there and we were very excited about the beautiful sunset viewed from above.


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