Published On January 17, 2016 | By Florentina Ilie | Beauty and Health

I’ve heard about Madonna’s facial treatment and I was curious to try it, so this weekend I went to aBeauty Clinique and I tested it on my own skin.


The treatment is called Intraceuticals and starts with cleansing. When the skin is clean is time for the second step: the infusion. The rejuvenation serum is put into a device and it’s sprayed on the face. Then it reaches the dermis by using oxygen under pressure which comes from the same device. It felt so nice I almost fell asleep during the infusion.

However the interesting part of the infusion are the great results. The rejuvenation serum, which reaches the deep layer of the skin, contains hyaluronic acid, therefore it moisturizes the skin and stimulates the collagen synthesis. The serum is full of vitamins and antioxidants. After the serum was absorbed by the skin we go to step three – on the skin are applied the eye gel and two face moisturizers.

I liked the final result beyond measure. My skin looks more fresh than ever. It’s brighter, more hydrated and the expression wrinkles disappeared. Intraceuticals is ideal for dry, sensitive, premature aging, sunburnt or wrinkled skin. The results are visible right after the first session.

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