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I don’t know about you, but I expect summer all year long. It’s my favorite season because I can fully enjoy the sun, the sea and I can finally get tan. Not just any kind of tan. I’m talking about that coffee milk mixture tan. Given that I have fair skin, I can’t get a nice and healthy tan without using sunscreen products .

For the last five years I’ve used the Elmiplant lotions. This year I chose a lotion spray with macadamia oil and essential acids with SPF 20. It smells nice, it’s easy to apply and leaves no traces. I know that those with fair skin like mine should use lotions that have SPF 30 or 50, but if I choose that type of  sunscreen I end up without any tan at all.

The second lotion that I have chosen is the after beach one and I apply it after a warm bath. It contains green tea extract and aloe vera. This lotion soothes irritated skin after sunburns, but I use it because it’s a great moisturizer and it helps me to keep my tan for a long time without peel off just like a snake.

Another advantage of these lotions? They are affordable since the costs for each one is almost 7 euro.



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