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“It’s not OK to do sports if I have back pain.” That’s right, if your problem is a serious one and the doctor says so! Otherwise your back pain might be caused by physical  inactivity, poor posture or wrong moves. It happened to me frequently lately.  Every time I was cleaning the house or after a day at the office I had this acute pain in my lower back. Initially I thought I had spine problems, but if it was so why could I still do sports without feeling any discomfort? Then I found out something else: the problem was that I was doing sports only when time allowed me, which was rarely. The spine consists of 33 individual bones. Ligaments and muscles connect the bones together and keep them aligned, so in order to keep them healthy you need to move. If  you don’t do sports frequently,  here are some exercises that you can do to prevent or get rid of your back pain. The tips come from one of the best Pilates instructors in Romania, Mirela Mirea.

Mirela is a kinetotherapist and a physical education teacher. I met her at One Fitness, the only fitness center in Romania that has unique trainings, created by experienced athletes. Also, One Fitness created The Code, a complex detox program that I promise to tell you about soon. Now, let’s get back to our back problems! The exercises start with a warm-up.

Once I’m done with the warm-up  it’s time to get to work. The movements are simple and efficient. It’s very important to move slow.  You’ll feel every muscle moving as you work without feeling any discomfort in the lower back.  If some of the exercises seems difficult and you can’t extend your legs perfectly straight up, you  should bend them a little, flex your ankle and point yout toe to the floor, just like we do in this picture.



The next exercise is the most simple and efficient when you have terrible back pain. Mirela recommended me to do it in the morning, right after I wake up, or whenever I feel discomfort in the lower back .

The last part of the exercises is made of relaxation positions. Both are efficient, but the cross-legged one is also recommended by Mirela to people who are recovering after spine surgeries.


The nice part of it is that after such exercises not only you get rid of the back pain, but you also tonify your body. After working with Mirela I felt fantastic. It was like I had a relaxing massage.      

I recommend you to try these moves at home and also to stop by Mirela’s pilates classes at One Fitness. You’ll find her here :


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