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I’ve heard countless stories about Dubai, but the most beautiful one I lived it. If you ask me now how is this destination, born where the desert meets the ocean, I will tell you that Dubai is futuristic and authentic, innovative and traditional. In a word it’s fabulous. It’s a city of records because from the height of the buildings, to the size of the jewellery to the extreme temperatures, everything seems made to amaze you. I used to think that Dubai was only a  shopping destination. Boy was I wrong! After feeling the true spirit of Dubai, I want to introduce it to you through my eyes in three days of unforgettable experiences.


I’ll start by telling you that in Dubai I staying at Rove Healthcare City. The hotel has a high rating on Booking and it deserve it. Everything looks impeccably, the rooms are spacious and clean,  the bathrooms are big and the prices are excellent.

First thing in the morning, we visited Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The glass tower is 828 meters high and has 200 floors, of which 160 are inhabited. If you want to see the world from above this is the place to be. To reach the top floor of Burj Khalifa we took the elevator. This was  such a futuristic experience! It takes one minute from the ground floor to 124th floor, where is the observation deck. It can’t get any faster than this. Or it can, but only in Star Trek and it’s called teleportation: “Engage!” The view was fabulous once we reached the the observation deck.

At the ground floor of the world’s tallest building is a huge mall and before you lose yourself in the shopping paradise, I recommend you to visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. We were fascinated by the fact that we were able to see the ocean world so close and I think I will never forget the face of the saw shark who looked like: “I’m watching your every move, you yellow creature!”

Another fantastic experience is at XLine Dubai. If you want to fly over Dubai, this is the ideal place. Here is the world’s longest urban zipline that will carry you over high buildings and nice boats in the Dubai Marina, will offer you a spectacular view and full adrenaline.


The day ended on one of the most beautiful and newest beaches in Dubai. It’s called La Mer, has fine sand and turquoise water. The cafe and restaurant area looks like a Hollywood film set. In day time, the beach is full of tourists and in the evening the promenade area is beautifully lighted and ideal for those who want to take a relaxing walk and eat something good.


 DAY 2

The next day I visited the old Dubai. This area is like a beautiful story with sandy buildings and laced balconies. Here I felt like in “One Thousand and One Nights” and I remembered the decor of one of my favorite films, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”.

This is the place where I we ate a camel burger for the first time in my life. This Arabian delight is perfectly prepared at the Local House Restaurant. The taste is a mixture of beef and lamb, but you don’t have to believe me, you just have to try it yourself.


 After an exquisite lunch, we took a walk to the souk nearby: Dubai Spice Souk Market and Dubai Gold Souk. In the first one commerce turns into art and prices are made to be negotiated. Here I saw the most beautiful shoes, traditional U.A.E clothes, oriental home decorations and mountains of spices.

 The second souk is the jewellery paradise. Here, “Cover me in gold” can turn from a song into a reality.  I was amazed to see huge bracelets and rings, incredibly large necklaces or costumes and belts of 24 karat gold.


 In the afternoon, I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, a desert safari. I rode over the dunes and I walked barefoot on the warm sand. The sunset was magic because I held a hawk for the first time in my life, I rode a camel, I had a delicious snack and I drank champagne in an amazing landscape.

The day ended in a Bedouin camp where we had a nice dinner while we enjoyed a dance show. Do you know what was the feeling I had that afternoon? I felt as if I was in a beautiful dream, I could not believe it was happening to me, and I was thinking how lucky I was to have such an experience. For safari desserts, I recommend you to buy the trip from Knight Tours for more than one reason: nice staff, excellent prices and the trip is very well organized.


 We spent the last day out of the city, in Dubai Parks and Resorts. This is a children’s paradise and also a the ideal place to relive your childhood if you are an adult. The park is divided into four thematic areas, including an aquatic one. The old New York, the Smurfs Village, the Shrek’s world and Madagascar or Hotel Transilvania have been recreated here. It was very funny for me to see the Bran Castle reproduced in the middle of the desert. You can also have fun in Legoland or in  Bollywood film sets, where you can enjoy live performances every day.

Riverland is another area of the Park, looks like a German village and is full of restaurants and shops. We had the dinner at Al Mashowa, a restaurant where they cook the best U.A.E traditional food. Everything is fresh, carefully prepared and delicious. I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

My last night in this beautiful emirate I spent it in a five star resort in the Park. Lapita Hotel looks like a sweet Polynesian village and if you wouldn’t know you are in Dubai, you could really believe you are in those amazing islands of the Pacific Ocean. The rooms are huge and beautifully furnished, the bathroom is big and the view from my room terrace was exceptional. I really enjoyed the welcome message that had my name on and the huge and comfy bed. I must confess: I slept like a baby. 

 I have to tell you one more thing, though I know it sounds weird. Beyond the spectacular buildings in Dubai, I was amazed by the six-lane roads. I admired them as I was watching a show both in the city and in the desert. They were perfect! That’s what happens when you come from a country like Romania, where even the highways look like county roads. For me, Dubai has been not only a beautiful experience but also an important lesson of tourism and evolution because you need will and amazing brains to turn into gold a sandy place with a hard weather. Sure, there will be many who will tell me it’s easy to do that when you have unlimited money. But I think you have to love your people more than yourself to turn a former fishing village into one of the largest and most important cities in the world. That’s why I say “Chapeau bas!”  in front of  the leaders who ruled Dubai and in front of those who continue to lead this emirate to an exceptional future. Looking at Dubai I think that my country wasn’t lucky enough to be ruled by such great leaders because here nature blessed us with beautiful places and then the “destiny” left Romania  to the hands of incompetent and corrupt leaders. I can’t help wondering where would be now Romania if it would have been ruled by His Royal Highness Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and His Royal Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan? “Chapeau bas!” one more time for all that you made of Dubai!


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