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Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It’s located in the North of the Ionian Sea and is a paradise full of olive, orange, lemon and cypress trees. We visited Corfu in May, but we had bad luck with the weather: it was cold and rainy. Therefore I recommend you to visit this beautiful destination starting with June. 

We stayed in Kassiopi, a fishing village located in the North East of the island. Now here comes the surprise because the place we checked in is a four-star romanian resort called Memento Kassiopi Resort and it’s owned by Christian Tour travel agency. We spent a week here and we liked it very much. The resort is made of individual villas. The rooms are large and beautifully appointed for both couples and families. The resort has four pools for adults, one for children, a supermarket, one tennis court, one basketball court, sauna and fitness room, one Indian café, a beautiful private beach and an all inclusive restaurant where the food is tasty. The best part is that the resort is surrounded by plenty of vegetation.


Let me tell you more about Kassiopi. The fishing village although it’s quite small it has a  harbor area, many restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of local delights and great food. Here you also can find shops with clothes, ceramics, traditional leather sandals and souvenirs.  Kassiopi has some of the most beautiful beaches on the island made of stones, embraced by clear waters and forests. Those who are close to the harbor are called Batara , Kanoni and Pipit .


 We discovered the other beaches by chance while we were walking. The first one, whose name I never learned, is near the resort on a road filled with olive trees. It’s a long narrow strip made of rocks.
 We found the rest of the beaches after we rented an ATV, which cost us 35 euro for 24 hours, and we went to see the surroundings. The first beach is called Avlaki and is located between Kassiopi and Ag. Stefanos. It’s very large and is made of white stones and sand, but the charm of this beach is the fact that is part of a nature reserve with amazing vegetation.


We continued the road and after a few kilometers we reached the little harbor Ag. Stefanos. It’s discreet, picturesque and full of craft and taverns. However, if you want to eat here you should know that before they bring you what you ordered, the waiters will put you on the table water and a local snack claiming that all is on the house. The surprise will come at the end when they will make you pay for all that.


 The last beach that we reached is slightly further from Ag. Stefanos. It’s called Kerasia. It’s large and beautiful and it’s surrounded by orange and olive trees.


We also went up in the mountains where we enjoyed the amazing view of the Ionian Sea. 

We didn’t spend all the week in Kassiopi and we took a boat trip outside Corfu. The first stop was the island of Paxos. When I saw the water surrounding it I thought I had arrived in the Caribbean and when the boat stopped  we went for a walk and explored the white narrow streets filled with souvenirs of all kinds and traditional products. 

The second stop was in Parga. The town is gorgeous, full of colorful houses and small hotels arranged in the shape of an amphitheater. The Venetian influence is all around Parga. The city is filled with traditional taverns, shops with souvenirs and all kind of clothes and above the town, on a high cliff,  lies the ruins of Parga’s Fortress.

 A must in Corfu is the palace of Sissi, empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The palace is situated near the sea, surrounded by olive trees and the yard is decorated with neoclassical Greek statues. Impressed by the story of Achilles, Sissi dedicated the theme of her palace to the Greek hero. After visiting the palace we stopped in a factory with traditional products and we bought some goodies  to take back home ( natural orange candies, wine, olives, olive oil and Greek liqueur). The same day we stopped at one of the oldest churches on the island and then we went to Paleokastritsa, one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu.


 Another visit was in Sidari Canal d’ Amour. A local story says that who is single and swims in the waters of the channel will soon find his or hers soulmate. After Sidari we went to Perithia, the ghost village. It’s almost 600 years old and in the distant past the village sheltered more than 1,000 Greeks when the pirates attacked the coast. The village was abandoned by locals and now is an UNESCO objective. 

We visited a small part of Corfu town, the island’s capital. The old town is made of a mixture of Venetian and British buildings. The Esplanade has a cozy park and a pedestrian area full of taverns and restaurants where we ate a delicious souvlaki. Old City streets are narrow and filled with shops of all kinds, from local to international brands. I felt in love with the Greek leather sandals and I bought a pair for just 30 euro. They are very comfortable and made of soft quality leather.  A must in Corfu town is the Venetian Fortress surrounded by high walls and ditches with water. The fortress offers a 360-degree view of Corfu town.



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