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Romania is an outdoor amusement park . This is the conclusion I reached after I did canyoning, an extremely fun sport. If you are wondering what it means, I’ll tell you briefly: walking and swimming from the upstream to the downstream of a river. To test the adventure I went up in the Fagaras Mountains on Raul Mare, near Porumbacu de Sus in Sibiu.  One of the best extreme sports instructors in Romania, Dan Panţuru from Team Adventure, was waiting me there. 

Once I was dressed up properly  with a neoprene suit and socks, helmet and special rubber shoes we walked toward the river, where Dan made us the final training. It’s very important to pay attention to the instructor’s indications about the signs that he will show you when you’ll enter the canyon, otherwise you will end up with more than just some bruises. My adventure began with a 5 meters high jump from a cliff in a natural pool. Then I started an entertaining fight with the river and it’s incredible forms: dozens of natural slides, swimming pools, high cliffs, areas where we have swum  under fallen trees. The slides are not like those from the water parks, but they are a thousand times more fun. It’s true that they are not perfectly straight or curved and you get quite a few bruises after you try them, but the feeling is incredible.

For me the only difficult moment was when I had to jump into a natural pool from an 8 meters high cliff. I wanted to jump, but the fear kept me glued to the rock. I had two choices: either I focus and jump in the pool or I close my eyes and dive without thinking anymore about nothing. Obviously neither of these solutions worked, so I took a deep breath and ….let the others jump, until everyone had finished and they started screaming my name and encouraging me to throw myself into the water. Finally I jumped. Do not think that my fear had passed, but the embarrassment of making 20 people waiting for me was so big that I had to jump. It was wooow! I don’t know why I was afraid because as soon as I got in the water I wanted to jump again.

After three kilometers on the river or let’s say four hours spent in the water we were back on the river road. It was an extraordinary adventure, so great that I don’t have the words to describe it. You have to try it. Imagine just that you throw yourself into a natural pool where you swim while you admire the high trees end the endless  mountains. However canyoning can not be practiced without special equipment and a good instructor.  I recommend you Dan Panţuru and his team,  Adventure Team.

You can watch my adventure on the river if you visit the following link from Observator Special / Antena 1:



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