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Published On September 15, 2015 | By tarta | Fashion by Romanian Designers

The term smartphone is more than known by us because since it was launched is the last item that we see at night and the first one we check in the morning.  But have you ever heard of the smartbag? It’s a totaly new thing for us and has emerged due to the desire of a romanian designer to have not only a lovely handbag, but smart one. The idea belongs to Ioana Ionescu, who thought that handbags must reach the next level, so she created the purse with phone charger included.

Ioana Ionescu: “I was thinking about how to do to have my phone battery  loaded all day long without staying connected to a plug.  Since I had to run from a meeting to another I thought to create a purse with a charger inside. “

And so she did. The charger is inside the bag and is wrapped in leather. The phone starts charging once is connected to the battery with a USB cable. So we don’t have to worry anymore that the battery will die just when we need it the most, but we must keep in mind one aspect: the bag must be plugged in whenever the internal battery is discharged . Besides the phone charger, the smart-bag comes also with internal light. So these handbags are chic, are smart, are made from the highest quality leather and you can customize it with your own name or initials only.

I must confess that for me Yvy Bags handbags were love at first sight. I have some models that  I wear for the last three years and even though I crammed into them makeup, tv tapes, filming cards, all sorts of useful things or put there just to “have them”, they  resisted heroically without any damage at all.  Way to go, Ioana!



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